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Taiwan style popcorn chicken     10.9

Marinated chicken thigh, mixed pepper salt, basil

Smoky popcorn chicken    12.5

Marinated chicken thigh, Malt sugar & soy coating, sesame, almond

Chong Qing popcorn chicken    12.5

Aromatic Chong Qing chilli mix, sesame, spiced peanuts, coriander

Crispy spring rolls (VG)     10.5

Cabbage, carrot, celery, mushroom, mixed leaves, yuzu lemon dressing

Fried dumplings (VG)      10.5

Sesame, spiced peanuts, fried leek, sweetened garlic soy

Eggplant & Tofu (VG)    18.5

With grilled leek, edamame, coriander, savoy Sichuan sauce

Steamed Soup dumplings    11.9

Taiwan style pork dumpling with broth inside, ginger, coriander, ruby vinegar

Old Sichuan Bao (2)    13.9

Slow-cooked beef, chilli mayo, Chinese fritter, spring onion, spiced peanuts

Wasabi King prawn bao (2)    14.9

Seaweed panko-crumbed king prawn, wasabi mayo, greens, onion, nori

Crunchy vegan bao (2)(VG)    13.9

Blacks sesame sauce, greens, pickled onion, pickled cabbage, Chinese fritter

Seared salmon sashimi    15.9

Lightly aged market salmon, fresh wasabi, kombu soy

Seared scallop sashimi     18.9

Lightly aged Hokkaido scallop, fresh wasabi, kombu soy

Chaco salad    13.5

Mixed leaves, finely sliced vegetables, wakame, water chestnuts, sesame vinegar dressing

Add “fried calamari” or “58-degree salmon” for 6$

Rice & Ramen

Braised pork belly    15.9

Slow-cooked in master stock, Chinese sauerkraut, pickles, lava egg, rice

Salmon Donburi    17.9

Seared “Yu‘an” salmon, nori seaweed, edamame, pickles, sesame crumb

Beef curry    17.9

Roasted vegetable-based curry, Angus beef, pickles, sultanas, rice

Fish & Mushroom stew     16.9

Dashi & shitake mushroom thickened soup, bamboo shoot, Chinese cabbage, fried enoki

Double smoked eel     24.9

Edamame, sansho pepper, pickled ginger, nori seaweed, spring onion, rice

Beef Ramen    17.9

Sichuan style fragrant beef bone broth, Angus beef, chilli, braised bamboo, Chinese sauerkraut

Pork Ramen    17.9

Pork & poultry-based broth, wakame, lava egg, smoked chashu, fungus

Chaco Ramen Red    18.9

Pork ramen broth & chilli paste, onion, lava egg, smoked chashu, fungus, seven spices

Chaco Ramen Black    18.9

Pork ramen broth & black sesame paste, wakame, lava egg, smoked chashu, fungus, shitake

Chaco Ramen Yellow    18.9

Pork ramen broth, corn, cream, char corn, wakame, lava egg, smoked chashu, fungus, onion, grilled corn.

Truffle Ramen (VG)    18.9

Roasted vegetables & mushroom broth, braised bamboo, fungus, lava egg, nori, truffle oil


Green tea & sesame ice cream    10.9

Red bean purée, butter soil, popcorn

Belco rabbit    14.9

Frozen honey & white chocolate mousse, chocolate soil, matcha grass, fruits

Custard Bao    (pending)

Custard, coconut

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