Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding?

Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding? 2 -
Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding? 2 -

Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding?

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and, let’s face it, a fair share of fashion dilemmas. One question that often pops up is whether it’s okay to wear white shoes to a wedding. If you’ve found yourself pondering this very question, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into this topic and unravel the mysteries of wedding guest footwear etiquette.

Quick Answer: Yes, you can wear white shoes to a wedding in many cases, but it depends on factors like the dress code, venue, and overall wedding style. Always consider the specific wedding context and when in doubt, opt for a more conservative choice or ask the couple directly.

Understanding Wedding Attire Etiquette

The Tradition of Wedding Colors

Traditionally, wearing white to a wedding has been a big no-no for guests. This custom dates back to the Victorian era when Queen Victoria donned a white gown for her wedding, setting a trend that’s stuck around for centuries. The idea is to let the bride shine and stand out on her special day.

Modern Weddings: Breaking the Rules?

But here’s the thing – times are changing, and so are wedding traditions. These days, many couples are opting for less conventional celebrations. Some brides are even choosing colorful wedding dresses! This shift has opened up more possibilities for guest attire, including footwear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing White Shoes

The All-Important Dress Code

Before you slip on those pristine white kicks, take a close look at the wedding invitation. Is there a specific dress code mentioned? Here’s a quick rundown of how different dress codes might affect your shoe choice:

  • Black Tie: Stick to formal, darker-colored shoes. White is usually a no-go.
  • Cocktail Attire: You have more flexibility here. White shoes could work if they complement your outfit.
  • Beach Casual: White sandals or espadrilles might be perfect!
  • Themed Wedding: Consider how white shoes fit into the theme. For a vintage theme, white saddle shoes could be a hit.

Location, Location, Location

The wedding venue plays a huge role in determining appropriate footwear. Here’s how different settings might influence your decision:

Venue White Shoe Suitability
Beach High – White sandals or boat shoes can be perfect
Formal Ballroom Low – Opt for more traditional colors
Garden Party Medium – White shoes can work if they match your outfit
City Rooftop Medium – Sleek white dress shoes or heels could be stylish

Coordinating with Your Outfit

White shoes can be a statement piece, but they need to work with your overall look. Here are some tips:

  • If you’re wearing a colorful or patterned outfit, white shoes can provide a nice contrast.
  • For pastel-colored dresses or suits, white shoes can create a soft, elegant look.
  • If your outfit has white accents, white shoes can tie the whole look together.

A Personal White Shoe Wedding Story

Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding? 3 -
Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding? 3 –

Let me share a quick story from my own experience. Last summer, I attended my cousin’s wedding at a trendy rooftop venue in the city. The invitation specified “Creative Cocktail” attire, which left a lot of room for interpretation. I decided to take a chance with a pair of sleek, white leather sneakers paired with a navy blue suit.

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous as I arrived at the venue. But to my relief, I wasn’t the only one who’d opted for white shoes! The bride herself complimented my choice, saying it added a fun, modern touch to my outfit. It taught me that sometimes, taking a fashion risk can pay off – as long as you do it thoughtfully and confidently.

What the Experts Say

Wedding Planners Weigh In

I reached out to several wedding planners to get their take on the white shoe debate. Here’s what they had to say:

“White shoes can absolutely work for wedding guests, especially for summer or destination weddings. The key is to make sure they’re appropriate for the formality of the event and that they’re not taking attention away from the couple.” – Sarah Thompson, Wedding Planner

Fashion Stylists’ Perspective

Fashion stylists tend to have a more lenient view on white shoes at weddings. Celebrity stylist Mark Chen shared this insight:

“White shoes can be a chic addition to a wedding guest outfit. They’re versatile and can add a fresh, modern touch to your look. Just make sure they’re clean and in good condition – scuffed white shoes are a definite no-no!”

Tips for Rocking White Shoes at a Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts

If you’ve decided to go for white shoes, keep these tips in mind:


  • Keep them spotlessly clean
  • Coordinate them with your overall outfit
  • Consider the wedding’s style and venue
  • Opt for stylish, well-made shoes


  • Wear white shoes with an all-white outfit
  • Choose overly flashy or attention-grabbing styles
  • Wear white shoes to a very formal or traditional wedding
  • Forget to break them in before the big day

Alternative Options

If you’re still on the fence about white shoes, consider these alternatives:

  • Metallic shoes: Gold, silver, or rose gold can add sparkle without overshadowing the bride
  • Nude shoes: A great neutral option that goes with almost everything
  • Pastel shades: Soft pink, baby blue or mint can be a subtle nod to white without going all the way

The Verdict: Can You Wear White Shoes to a Wedding?

After considering all the factors, expert opinions, and personal experiences, here’s the bottom line: In many cases, yes, you can wear white shoes to a wedding. However, it’s crucial to take into account the specific context of the wedding you’re attending.

Remember these key points:

  1. Always check the dress code and consider the venue
  2. Ensure your white shoes complement rather than dominate your outfit
  3. When in doubt, ask the couple or opt for a more traditional choice
  4. Confidence is key – if you decide to wear white shoes, rock them with style!

At the end of the day, weddings are about celebrating love and creating memories. While it’s important to be respectful and mindful of tradition, don’t let shoe color stress you out too much. Focus on being present, having fun, and dancing the night away – whether in white shoes or not!

What’s Next?

Now that you’re armed with all this information about wearing white shoes to weddings, why not explore other wedding guest fashion topics? Check out our articles on accessorizing for different wedding styles or how to dress for unconventional wedding themes. And remember, when it comes to wedding guest attire, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Happy celebrating!

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