Can you get Chacos in Canada?

Can you get Chacos in Canada? 1 -
Can you get Chacos in Canada? 1 -

Can you get Chacos in Canada?

Well folks, as an outdoor enthusiast living in the Great White North, I often get asked: “Hey buddy, can you even get Chacos in Canada?” And I’m thrilled to report that the answer is a resounding yes!

For those not familiar with Chacos, this Colorado-based company makes some of the most durable and comfortable outdoor sandals on the planet. Known for their signature Z-shaped strapped design, Chacos are beloved by everyone from hikers and rafters to your average city dweller looking for a versatile, supportive shoe.

Chacos 101: The Story Behind This Unique Outdoor Brand

It all started back in 1989 when a rafting guide got fed up with having soggy feet all day. So he invented Chacos – a sandal that grips your foot almost like a glove, perfect for adventuring through water and land alike. The name comes from New Mexico’s Chaco Culture National Historical Park, chosen to reflect the brand’s ability to adapt to any environment.

Why Chacos Have Stood the Test of Time

Unlike so many products today designed to fall apart after a year, the folks at Chaco pride themselves on making sandals built to last. They even offer repairs and resoling through their ReChaco program when straps or soles eventually need some TLC.

Sustainability is a core tenet of the brand too. While so many shoes get manufactured overseas these days using questionable labor practices, Chacos are still proudly made right in the good ‘ole USA.

Scoring Your Own Pair of Chacos in Canada

Can you get Chacos in Canada? 2 -
Can you get Chacos in Canada? 2 –

Luckily for Canadians, you don’t need to drive across the border to get your hands on some Chacos. Major retailer Altitude Sports carries the full line-up online and in many brick-and-mortar stores across the country. From the classic Z sandals to more modern slide and flip-flop versions, they’ve got it all.

3 Reasons Chacos Have Achieved Cult Status

  1. Comfort: With customized arch support and adjustable straps, Chacos mold perfectly to your feet for all-day wear.
  2. Durability: Made from rugged materials like polyurethane and rubber, these puppies can handle even the toughest conditions Canada throws their way.
  3. Water Friendliness: Chacos dry quickly after getting wet, making them ideal for adventures near lakes, rivers, or oceans.

Whether you’ll be tackling rough trails deep in the Rockies or just gardening in your backyard, Chacos provides the custom comfort and support you need.

Frequently Asked Chaco Questions

“Aren’t Chacos just hippie shoes?”

While it’s true that Chacos first caught on among granola-crunching outdoor types, their versatility, durability, and custom comfort have earned them broader appeal over the years.

“What’s with the weird name?”

Originally called Gecko, the brand chose Chaco (pronounced CHA-co) as a nod to the Chaco Culture National Historical Park containing ancient Pueblo ruins in New Mexico.

Now let’s explore more about why Canadians have fallen in love with this unique footwear brand over the years…

The Many Styles and Custom Options Offered by Chaco

One really cool thing about Chacos is the myriad styles and customization available. Beyond their signature Z sandal in different colors, they also offer flip-flops, slides, and sandals with various straps and sole types to choose from.

Design Your Own Unique Chacos

But the really fun part is building fully customized Chacos at MyChacos. You pick everything from the exact footbed shape to the colors and materials for straps, buckles, and soles. Whether you want subdued earth tones for the trails or wild neon vibes for the beach, the options let you create a perfectly personalized pair.

Chacos Available at Canadian Retailers Near You

While scoring Chacos online is super convenient, I know some shoppers love trying shoes on in real life. The good news is Chacos are stocked at outdoor gear stores and footwear shops across Canada like:

  • MEC
  • Little Burgundy
  • SoftMoc
  • Sporting Life
  • Gravity Pope

So next time you’re at the mall, see if you can give them a test walk. Trying those custom arches and funky straps for yourself makes it easier to find the perfect fit.

Chacos Gives Back to the Planet

An added bonus of buying Chacos? The brand actively supports environmental causes with donations and fundraising campaigns.

As lovers of the great outdoors, Chacos fans care about protecting our beautiful natural spaces. So knowing part of proceeds go towards organizations like the National Forest Foundation makes shelling out for quality sandals feel that much sweeter.

Chacos and the Great Canadian Outdoors Lifestyle

Let’s be real: Canadians are Crazy about outdoor adventures. Chacos are like our best friends tagging along, providing crazy comfort by the campfire or traction scrambling up a rocky trail.

Why Chacos Resonate Here

From mountaineering in the Rockies to portaging in Algonquin Park, Chacos fit our outdoor identity like a (really supportive) glove. They empower us to hike farther, climb higher, and push boundaries on all sorts of rowdy exploits from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. No wonder Canadians have fallen hard for this brand!

Chacos Backs Their Products with Great Warranties and Service

Can you get Chacos in Canada? 3 -
Can you get Chacos in Canada? 3 –

Any Canadian who’s broken a sandal strap halfway through a canoe trip knows: it sucks when gear fails you in the wild. That’s why Chaco’s quality and guarantees really seal the deal.

Customer Service That Has Our Back

Chacos stands behind its products 100% and makes it easy to get issues resolved. Their legendary ReChaco program offers repairs like strap or buckle replacements to keep your footwear going strong for years. And the customer service reps I’ve chatted with are fellow outdoor nuts who treat you more like a new buddy than a random caller.

Bottom line? Canadians can feel confident investing in Chacos knowing they’re built to handle our rugged adventures while standing by their products for the long run.

The Takeaway: Get Your Paws on Chacos, Canada!

Okay folks, time to wrap up this Chacos crash course! Hopefully, now you’ve got a handle on:

  • How Chacos came to be and their core values
  • Why do Canadians dig them so darn much!
  • Where you can find Chacos in stores or build custom pairs online

So quit your second-guessing…Chacos are alive and kickin’ for your northern footwear needs. Just try ’em out yourself if you need any extra persuading!

Happy trails and see you on the mountaintops, Chaco clan!

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