Can you get Chacos in Europe?

Can you get Chacos in Europe? 1 -
Can you get Chacos in Europe? 1 -

Can you get Chacos in Europe?

If you’re a fan of Chacos like me, you’ve probably wondered if you can get your hands on a pair while traveling around Europe. As someone who has wandered across Spain with my trusty Chacos strapped to my feet, I can tell you that yes, it is possible to find these versatile sandals on the continent. However, tracking down the perfect pair does require some strategic planning and insider knowledge. Let me walk you through everything I’ve uncovered about finding and fitting Chacos for your next European adventure!

Availability Overview: Locating Chacos in Europe

Can you get Chacos in Europe? 2 -
Can you get Chacos in Europe? 2 –

The good news for European residents or visitors is that Chacos are sold in many countries here. The brand has an official European website,, that stocks various styles like the classic Z/Cloud and the adventurous Mega Z/Cloud. I really like browsing their site not just for the selection but because they also provide adjustable fittings for that custom feel I love about Chacos.

My buddy James swears he found Chacos at small outdoor shops in Germany and Austria during a recent backpacking trek. However, from my experience wandering through Spain, physical stores don’t tend to carry them. I literally flipped through my Lonely Planet guidebook trying to hunt some down in Madrid! Unless there’s an REI-equivalent store around, you may need to order online instead.

Understanding Chacos Models and Features

If you aren’t familiar with Chacos already, let me break down what makes them so unique and perfect for European travel:

  • Custom Fit: Chacos have a wrap-around strap system you can tighten and adjust until each sandal hugs your foot in comfort heaven. I could walk 20 miles without a single blister!
  • Durable Grip: The rugged rubber sole provides shockingly good traction, even on slick cobblestone streets. Perfect for hiking through Alpine forests too!
  • Foot Arch Support: That custom leather bed underneath contours to your arches like memory foam. My feet stay energized all day long now!

Availability in Spain: My Chacos Quest

During my trip across northern Spain a few years ago, I became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of Chacos. I had brought my old ones from home but the strap broke halfway through a hike outside Santander. As I limped along cursing my bad luck, it hit me: Spain is known for incredible leather goods and handcrafted shoes. There must be special Chacos for me somewhere in this country!

I asked in every adventure shop I passed but had no luck. Even my madre española host didn’t know the brand. I finally caved and ordered directly from with overnight shipping to my next hostel. It wasn’t cheap but slipping my feet into those perfectly molded sandals was worth every euro!

Why Chacos Are My Travel BFFs

From Scottish highlands to Mediterranean beaches, Chacos have been by my side through countless adventures across Europe. Here’s why they earn a permanent spot in my backpack:

  • All-Terrain Versatility: Chacos can hike mountains, stroll cities, or kick back oceanside with equal panache.
  • Customizable Fit: The wrap-around strap system eliminates blisters for painless miles.
  • Ultimate Arch Support: My high arches rejoice over the contoured, memory foam-esque footbed.
  • Durable Materials: After years of regular wear, my Chacos still look and perform like new thanks to the hardy leather and rubber construction.

Whether you’ll be blazing trails or museum-hopping, Chacos can carry you in cushioned foot comfort. Read on for my top tips on sizing, styling, and keeping your Chacos in peak globetrotting condition!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Choosing the right size Chaco is key for all-day comfort. That custom wrap strap is meant to move with your foot, preventing blisters over long distances. If you’re near a retailer that stocks them, I’d try several sizes on in person and walk around before deciding. You want a snug heel with room for toes to spread out just a bit while walking naturally.

Getting the Strap Adjustment Dialed In

When lacing up your new Chacos at home, take time to gradually tighten the strap across the footbed and around your heel. The fit should immobilize your foot to prevent slipping but not pinch anywhere. I like to start loose, take a few steps and then tighten any areas that feel loose before taking more steps. Listen to your feet!

Sporting Chacos Around Europe’s Cities

While most people associate Chacos with outdoor adventures, I think they make the ultimate stylish walking shoes for European city travel too. All those cobblestone streets and miles between museums can wreak havoc on your feet. Chacos’ custom arch support keeps my dogs happy even after 8 hours of urban trekking!

Why Chacos Are My Go-To Travel Shoes

Lugging clunky hiking boots and dressy sandals for a multi-destination trip isn’t realistic. I need footwear multitaskers who can hike the Camino de Santiago trail one day and then blend in for dinner along the Champs Elysée the next. My Chacos’ rugged durability handles both with flair!

Plus, Chacos are made from quick-dry materials so an unexpected rain shower won’t dampen my sightseeing spirit. And if my itinerary adds an impromptu beach picnic? My Chacos stylishly have me covered there too!

Caring for Your Chacos: Cleaning and Longevity Tips

Chacos are built to last but helping them maintain that fresh-from-the-box look doesn’t hurt. I always thoroughly rinse my sandals off after sweaty hikes or beach runs. For a deeper clean, I scrub gently with mild soap and warm water then use a soft brush for stuck-on dirt in the tread.

Consider Resoling to Extend Your Chaco Lifespan

The awesome thing about Chacos is that once the soles show some wear after a few years, you can ship them off to get brand-new treads put on instead of buying replacements. How cool is that? has info about their European resoling services and prices. It saves money plus eliminates waste—a win-win!

Well, my friends, I hope I’ve convinced you to make Chacos part of your next grand European adventure. They’ll keep your dogs happy whether you’re wandering medieval villages or blazing Alpine trails. Just be sure to order online in advance or resign yourself to patiently stalking every shoe vendor you pass. Your persistence will pay off in cozy foot comfort, I promise!

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