Should you size up or down in Chaco?

Should you size up or down in Chaco? 1 -
Should you size up or down in Chaco? 1 -

Should you size up or down in Chaco?

Hey friend! I see you’re scratching your head about whether to size up or down with your Chaco sandals. It can definitely get confusing trying to dial in the perfect fit with those adjustable straps and lack of half sizes. Not to worry – I’ve got you covered!

As an avid Chaco wearer and outdoor adventurer myself, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting the right fit over the years. From blister-inducing looseness to toe-smushing tightness, I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to! Let me walk you through all my hard-earned tips so you can find sandal nirvana in your Chacos.

First Things First: Why Fit Matters So Dang Much

Should you size up or down in Chaco? 2 -
Should you size up or down in Chaco? 2 –

I’m sure you’ve heard about the legendary comfort of Chaco sandals from friends or read about it online. And let me tell you, when you get the sizing right, it lives up to the hype! It’s like walking on clouds…for your feet. But get the size wrong, and you’ll be hobbling around with blisters the size of golf balls after a few hours.

The thing is, Chacos are designed to mold perfectly to your feet, cradling them in secure comfort as you hop between mountain trails. But that magic is all based on finding your optimum fit. An ill-fitting Chaco has all the ingredients – sturdy sole, toe loop, custom straps – but the recipe ends up tasting really bad (blech!).

Ask Yourself: What Will You Use Your Chacos For?

When thinking about the right Chacos for your feet, it helps to consider what kind of adventures you plan to take them on. Will it primarily be kicking around the campsite? Hitting some moderate day hikes? Or cranking up the difficulty with rugged backcountry treks?

For more chill activities, you’ll want your Chacos fairly loose and comfy right off the bat. But for hardcore hikes, a bit snugger fit allows your feet to really lock into place. However you use them, though, you gotta get that Goldilocks “just right” adjustment for all-day bliss.

Chaco Sizing 101: The Need-to-Know Basics

Alright, now that you know why nailing down the fit is clutch, let’s break down the fundamentals of sizing your Chacos. At its core, it comes down to foot length relative to the length of the sandals’ sole.

Do Chacos Really Run True to Size?

Generally, yes. Based on the official length measurement of your feet, most people wear their standard shoe size in Chacos. A size 10 in sneakers = a size 10 in Chacos. But that’s just the starting point for dialing things in.

You see, there’s more to it than just length when it comes to the final fit. Unlike your kicks, Chacos have those adjustable straps so you can customize ’em just for your feet. So don’t obsess too hard about selecting the perfect size based on the measurements alone. We’ll get to optimizing things with the straps next!

To Size Up or Down: Key Factors to Consider

So if the base sizing is just the baseline, how do you know whether to size up or down to find sandal salvation? Check out these key factors I use to guide my decision:

Foot Width

Got wide flippers? Consider sizing up so you don’t feel squeezed in. Narrower feet might benefit from sizing down for a truly glove-like fit.

Toe Room

Make sure to leave adequate clearance between your longest toe and the front of the sandal when standing flat on the ground. No one wants smooshed piggies!

Arch Type

High arches often mesh better with sizing up for ample support across your whole foot. Low arches can potentially get more stability by sizing down.

Activity Level

For hardcore hiking, I personally prefer sizing down and really locking my feet into place. More casual use is fine with a looser fit out of the gates.

Sizing Up: Things to Keep in Mind

Alright, you’ve measured your foot and determined that going up a half or whole size is the move for maximum comfort. Not so fast! You still gotta dial in that custom fit.

See, when you size up in Chacos, you leave more room for slippage and instability…potentially. Thankfully, those adjustable straps let you eliminate the slop. Here’s my process:

Step 1: Measure Dem Paws

Use Chaco’s official printable fitting guide or their app to get your foot dimensions. This gives you your baseline size to start trying on pairs. Remember, it’s just a starting point, though!

Step 2: Consider Foot Factors

Based on whether you have wider feet, higher arches, etc., make the call to experiment with sizing up. Identify the extra space areas to target with strap tightening.

Step 3: Cinch Those Straps!

Put ’em on, stand up, and ratchet down the side straps first, followed by the heel and toe straps. I like to stand on one foot while adjusting the other to really activate things. Remember to align the straps so they pull straight across your foot, not at weird diagonal angles.

Step 4: Take a Test Walk

Before tagging your shiny new Chacos with an Instagram #OutfitOfTheDay pic, take ’em for a little strut around the house. Sometimes you don’t notice tight or loose spots until you walk on different terrain. Make any final micro-adjustments for the win!

Sizing Down: Perfecting the Precise Fit

What if measuring your flippers and considering those key factors points you toward sizing down? You definitely don’t want an overly spacious or loose feel in technical terrain. Dialing it in requires some finesse, too. Here’s how I nailed it:

Step 1: Measure Your Paws

Consult Chaco’s official sizing chart to identify your baseline size based on foot length and width. This will give you your starting point before potentially sizing down.

Step 2: Take Key Factors Into Account

Consider how snug you want your Chacos for things like toe room, arch type, and planned activity intensity. This will reveal whether sizing down makes sense.

Step 3: Loosen Those Straps!

Counterintuitively, you don’t want cinched straps with downsized Chacos right off the bat! Start loose-ish to avoid squished toes or squeezed feet before you even walk.

Step 4: Test for Comfort + Adjust

Try them out walking on different surfaces to identify potential rubbing or pressure points. You can then micro-adjust straps as needed until you find sandal sublimity!

Pro Tips for Chaco Fit Perfection

To take your fit from meh to marvelous, don’t forget these extra pro pointers!

Shop Later In the Day

Are you trying on Chacos first thing in the morning? Rookie mistake! Your feet expand throughout the day, so visit the store mid-afternoon when your flippers are swole for the most accurate readout.

Wear Your Adventure Socks

Will you primarily use hiking socks, wool socks, or no socks with your Chacos? Wear your fave adventure socks while test-driving pairs for an authentic fit preview.

Get a Second Opinion

Are you confused between two sizes or fits? Don’t be shy to ask a fellow Chaco stan or store associate for their take. Extra eyes on fit issues can reveal easy fixes.

Remember, finding your perfect Chacos is a process! Don’t rush to judgment on the first pair.

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