What can I do with old Chacos?

What can I do with old Chacos? 1 - whitechaco.com
What can I do with old Chacos? 1 - whitechaco.com

What can I do with old Chacos?

Hey friends! So, let’s chat about what to do with your beloved Chacos once they’ve logged too many miles to keep trekking as hardcore adventure shoes. I know you’ve got years of memories wrapped up in those sandals, but it may be time to give them a new purpose.

Instead of packing them away to gather dust, there are actually plenty of ways to repurpose your Chacos and give them fresh life! From turning them into DIY crafts to recycling them sustainably, your creativity is the only limit. I’ll map out some of my favorite ways to keep your Chacos adventure-ready.

Chaco’s Recycling Program: Trade-in for New Threads

Okay, first up is Chaco’s awesome recycling initiative. So you can head to certain retailers rocking your ragged old sandals and trade them in for a solid 20% discount towards a shiny new pair! How cool is that?

Chaco then takes your worn babies, refurbishes them, and donates them to rad charities like the dZi Foundation that builds schools in Nepal. Over 4,000 recycled pairs have found new owners since they launched this sweet program in 2004.

When you drop off your sandals, it seems each pair comes with its own adventure story. Duct tape, funky decorations, emotional letters tucked inside – these Chacos have character! The folks at Chaco HQ say they feel honored to give retired warriors new chapters. Pretty inspiring!

DIY Time: Adding Fresh Webbing

What can I do with old Chacos? 2 - whitechaco.com
What can I do with old Chacos? 2 – whitechaco.com

Not ready to part ways just yet? Well, you can totally reweb your Chacos at home for less than 5 bucks! I’m talking about new vibrant webbing to give your shoes a fresh style and life. It takes some patience and skill, but it makes your faithful footwear pop with personality again.

Watch a YouTube tutorial, grab webbing from the fabric store, lace it through carefully following the original pattern, and voila…you just gave your sole mates a custom makeover for years more adventures!

The Professionals: Chaco’s ReChaco Magic

If DIY isn’t your jam, hit up the wizards at Chaco’s ReChaco workshop to restore your soles with some technical magic! The team in Rockford, Michigan, has rehabbed over 70,000 pairs of Chacos since 2010. I’m talking replacing straps, buckles, soles – the whole shebang!

They’ve heard it all too – Chacos found under a porch survived a tornado or accompanied someone hiking the entire Appalachian Trail over 5 years. Wild stories! But the ReChaco crew feels that soul connection and handles each custom repair job with love. They’ll have your Chacos feeling fresh in no time.

So in short, here’s your game plan:

  • Recycle: Trade-in for 20% off new Chacos!
  • DIY: Personalize with new webbing.
  • Repair: ReChaco pros replace parts.

How cool is it that you’ve got options to keep your favorite footwear going strong? Whether you recycle through Chaco’s program, DIY it, or utilize professional repair services, your beloved sandals can live on!

Repurposing: Chacos Reimagined

And hey, Chacos make for more than just shoes, you know! Why not repurpose them into something fresh? Those sturdy straps would make killer bracelets or pet leashes. And the hardy rubber soles? Cut ’em into coasters or garden kneelers! The sky’s the limit.

Donate to Charity

If your Chacos still have lots of good miles left, donate them to one of the awesome charities accepting used shoes. Help outfit someone else with durable, comfy sandals that could change their life! Just think how stoked they’ll be.

Crafting with Chaco Parts

Unleash your inner crafter by upcycling Chaco elements for your latest project! Weave the straps into a boho wall hanging for your living room. Or stamp the rubber soles with paint and decorative touches to make eclectic stepping stones leading to your veggie garden. Your old trusty sandals can find a new purpose.

However, you decide to keep your Chacos trekking into the future, embrace the chance to get creative. Treasure the stories those shoes could tell while starting their next exciting chapter post-retirement. I’d love to hear what you dream up!

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